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Our Services

Steel Work 
  • Floating bulkheads - eliminating the need for cranes and barges
  • Non-floating bulkheads
  • Steel log booms with walkways
  • Water control structures (ie. gates, intakes, outfalls) 
  • Traveling water screens
  • Galvanized or marine coated intake trash racks
  • Bubbler system installation and maintenance
  • Structural components
  • Custom fabricated forms

Concrete Work

  • Comprehensive report & recommendations to repair the damaged areas
  • Custom concrete forms 
  • New rebar-reinforced concrete poured in-water
  • Installation of articulated concrete mats
  • Concrete core drilling to facilitate wire cutting and removal
  • Grout bag placement to support walls or columns
  • Concrete & grout pouring & injection
  • Scour and undermined repairs

Other Marine Construction

  • Debris removal
  • Demo & abandonment
  • Moving & rigging
  • Anchoring systems (ie Manta rays, dead men, etc)
  • Full inspection of underwater surfaces
  • Pile jacket repair
  • Salvage
  • Barrier Systems

Barge Services and Rental

Custom Fabrications

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